Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Hosmer Lake in the Cascades

"Hosmer Magic"
26 x 16 image, Soft Pastel
Framed—36 x 26 $1250

Hosmer Lake, just past Elk Lake off the Cascade Lakes Hwy., must be experienced from the water. There is a small, round, deep lake right by the boat launch and then a long arm that twists through bullrushes and waterlillies. The sandy bottom gives the clear water a light seafoam green color. This scene, with leftovers from a forest fire, new growth pines, green water and a type of water plant that looks pink/orange in mass, is an example of natures color not being what goes with this years decor pallette. But, I had to paint it anyway. It was a real challenge. So much detail and color. I scraped off the pastel more than once, which I don't normally do.

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