Saturday, August 28, 2010

"Nature's Call"
Soft Pastel
26 x 17

Going through photos taken at Trapper's Creek of Kokanee going upstream to spawn, I was struck again by the patterns of color and shadow. The stream is crystal clear and the fish hang in relief over a pebbly bottom. That autumn day was magical at Odell Lake....the campground was closed for the season, but there were people quietly observing, not the fish, but the eagles in the trees waiting to pounce on the fish. For me, it was all about the fish. At first you don't realize that there are fish everywhere and then you see them. It's amazing and so pretty. And very quiet. These landlocked salmon don't die after spawning, but will return to the lake to repeat the cycle.
This is the kind of painting that paints itself. I just start and it flows. The deeper you look the more color and nuance you find. I would like to do this super large in acrylic. Oh, that would be fun.


  1. Wow, Susie, this is a stunner! I love the abstract quality of it and the brilliant color. It's nice to read your description, too, I feel like I'm there. Wishful think! This is beautiful (so is "Diversity")!

  2. I stumbled onto your site via Moldy Chum's blog. I'm a photographer and artist, but no where near as gifted and talented as you are! I always look everywhere for art related to fishing, and your work is the best I've seen anywhere. Such vibrant colors and motion...truly beautiful and visionary work. Thank you for sharing so much online! One day, I hope to have one in my home!