Friday, June 25, 2010

Mirror Pond RiverFeast Art

Mirror Pond Afternoon
24 x 12 soft pastel

I recently finished this painting for the Deschutes River Conservancy RiverFeast event this August 14. This was painted from the riverfront property where RiverFeast will happen. Since it's a summer event DRC likes the art to look summery, but I was starting the art when the trees had not even leafed out. We had a late spring this year, so the colors were still quite wintery. The view looking SW has the iconic Mirror Pond footbridge in it and initially I tried to paint most of the span of the bridge, but it was feeling static and overly "done". I had a couple of false starts, until I landed on this view, where the reflections are the main part of the composition with the bridge very loosely rendered just barely in the frame. Rooftops peaking out of the foliage give it some interest too. The birch and willow trees have an ethereal look. Painted on a dark terracota pastel paper and letting lots of that color stay contrasts and is complementary to the greens.

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