Saturday, April 17, 2010

Fly Fishing in Eastern Oregon

"Spring at
Lake At The Dunes"

28 x 12 image
Soft Pastel

Every year my husband goes to "Lake At The Dunes" in eastern Oregon to fish for the large trout that have been planted in the series of small lakes. I was struck by the line of trees reflected in the still water, whose bare branches give the stunning color to this painting. The barren hills have the first blush of green grass, soon to turn brown, and a lone fisherman disturbs the reflections with his cast.
This painting feels softer than usual to me, probably because the art spectrum paper I'm using has a light tint. I usually use the darker tints because I like the background color peaking through giving the color a bit of something to bounce off. But, for this piece,with it's delicate yellows and peaches, it feels like the right choice.

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